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If you are having sleeping problems and/or believe you may need a sleep study, we can help! CarolinaSleep is a comprehensive sleep medicine clinic and we believe the best way to manage any potential sleep disorder is to start with a comprehensive consultation visit with one of our sleep specialists.

During this appointment, our sleep specialist will consult with you and review your sleep and medical history to better determine what the next step is in finding and treating any potential problems. Often an overnight sleep study is needed to better asses a variety of sleep disorders.

If the decision is made to perform an overnight sleep study, our medical staff will be able to schedule your sleep study at the end of your consultation, coordinate payment with your insurance company and/or arrange a payment plan (if you are self-insured). We can also schedule a follow-up appointment to go over the results of your sleep study with our sleep specialist physician– a critical part of the process, and one that often makes all the difference in your treatment plan.

Make an appointment today and a CarolinaSleep patient care coordinator will contact you.






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